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Still Minimum Wage


We're 3 female creative entrepreneurs trying to grow our pandemic businesses. Joined by our growing community, each episode, we tackle a the real and raw of business struggles and lean on our fellow guests to support us through our mental and emotional blocks.

We talk about our experiences and share about how hard it is to get paid for work that we love.

Welcome to all the creative bosses in the pursuit of a decent quality of life

We're on a mission to share the real and the raw of what it really looks like to run and grow a creative business—WITHOUT THE HYPE.

Some of Our Favorite Episodes

Episode 8 Guest: Hillary Jeanne

Joined by Brand Photographer and Business Coach, Hillary Jeanne, we got so man gems as she shared how she overcame imposter syndrome when she first became a photographer and how that equipped her to not only face it as a new coach but gives practical tips for those of us who question our ability, as creative entrepreneurs, to deliver on our own businesses.

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Episode 10 Guest: Molly Ho

The queen of digital products, Molly Ho, drops tons of knowledge and insight about the reality of starting to sell digital products, why you still need to work on sales mindset, how much of your success will depend on marketing, and why she values time over money. 

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Episode 13 Guest: Ashley Kang

Let's talk about making boss moves: by working ON your business and not just in your business. Ashley Kang from AHK Business Management joins us on this expert episode to give us permission to take care of ourselves with CEO days in our businesses in the Season 3 premiere of Still Minimum Wage.

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