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Still Battling Imposter Syndrome

Episode 8

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.In this episode, we are joined by Hillary Jeanne, brand photographer and business coach to talk about a common struggle among entrepreneurs: imposter syndrome. 

We were honored to have HIllary Jeanne, stop by the pod and drop so much inspiration on us.

As a photographer for 5 years, she still gets imposter syndrome whenever she tries something new, but reminds herself that it never really goes away - because you're going to feel scared everytime she tries something new.

She also encouraged us to make sure that we're in community, especially when your mindset is really fragile, to protect yourself from voices that reinforce your fear.

We're so glad Hillary is in OUR community and gave us so many helpful tips for the next time imposter syndrome pops up in our lives.

She also provided our freebie of the week: get a link to her guide for 8 steps to grow your brand photography business be

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Wise Words

She shared how she pivoted from her 9-5 while she was still learning photography with her "I'm just going to say yes and figure it out" mindset.